See Ten Sure Ways To Blow in The Nigerian Music industry

We have noticed that there are a lot of upcoming Artiste’s in Nigeria that are struggling to blow in the Nigerian music industry.

So today we are going to show you the sure ways to make it in your career


Commence your music career into the hands of God, Pray and ask God for forgiveness because there is nothing God cannot do


You have to believe in yourself that you will make it in life no matter all the challenges that you are passing through

Have hope that one day you will make it


If you are a Singer or Rapper Try to understand the genre of your Music because is very important


Always work on good song with good lyrics because is the key to uphold your career to the next level


I know some upcoming ARTISTE’S will be confuse in this section now, but the question is that
If you are an ARTISTE and you want to succeed in your career, please you have to know that Standard production is very important to your career.

Record your song in a studio that has all the standard Equipment’s

Always work with a Good Producer that understands the genre of your music so that he/she will be able to create a unique beat for your song

And let your song to be well mixed and mastered by a professional Producer


Most upcoming ARTISTE’S don’t make proper use of their social media handle’s

Inrelevant actives on social media can bring a total Downfall to your music career

Social Media is where you can generate fans by updating and giving them your attention

Always stay connected to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn handles

Have a WhatsApp Group for your Band


So Many upcoming artiste’s in Nigeria don’t even promote their songs
They think they will just blow without Promoting their songs,
Do you know that the Big Star’s are still promoting their songs till tomorrow,

Let me ask you this question

After you have spended much money in producing your song, both Audio/Video
Do you think the song will just go viral without a good Promotion on it

No way!

You must promote your song for people to know that you are an ARTISTE

promote your song online by summiting it to Top Promotional Music or Entertainment websites/blogs

Let your song be promote on Radio stations
Make a good relationship with the presenters for them to hype your song very well on air

Work with DJ’s so that they will be playing your song on daily basis and putting it on their MIXTAPE
Pay them if they request for money
let your money speaks for you and stay positive with them


Always attend Show’s both invited or non invited, Because is very important to your career

By attending Show’s you are also showcasing your talent So people will mark you as an ARTISTE and have interest in your music

A lot of Artiste’s got signed to big record labels through show’s so If you are lucky you can also got sign too


Being constant in your music will help you to build a strong fan base
Because fans always wants to hear a new song from you, so dropping hit song back to back will make your fans to have full interest in your Music And it will make them to share your songs to their friends


Music is all about money and you really need money to promote yourself
Don’t wait until someone invest in you because is very hard for someone to invest in you

So you have to be doing something that will be generating money for you to support your career

Find legit works is very important So that you can be able to give yourself a standard Promotion that suits your music.

Written By Tochukwu

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